With a dynamic change in life styles and diet of this era, we have seen people suffering from many health issues and lower immunity against viral and bacterial infections. Our busy life routines have reduced our workout time, switched us to processed and ready made meals which have many downsides like excessive salts and sugars with preservatives which aren’t good for our health and results in internal weaknesses. Also due to our hectic schedules, we are unable to eat from all food groups and so it results in many deficiencies which becomes a matter of concern over the passage of time. Many feeding mothers also require the best lactation supplements to boost their milk supply and maintain their health as well. So, we need some extra support from other sources to keep ourselves healthy and maintained.

What are natural health supplements?

Before we introduce any supplements in our life, we must know about them, their use and significance too. These dietary supplements provide you with extra nutrients one requires in daily life either extracted from food or plant sources or could be synthetic too. But when you opt for natural and especially organic supplement sources which are way better and provide you with some rich natural antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. You can take them in powder, capsule, tablet or in liquid form too to give you extra nutrient boost and help your body develop and function properly.  

Natural and organic based supplements are derived from plant sources that are free from herbicides, pesticides, additives and any other chemical based sources. They have been used for many centuries because of their healing properties and are part of many traditional medicines too. They work better because they have concentrated and active ingredients in it, which are up to 90% while commercials have 5% only. These active ingredients are rather more balanced and effective than the synthetic ones.

Why do we use natural health supplements in our daily life?

Natural health products and supplements have become a billion-dollar industry and people are switching more and more to these health products because of their benefits to the human body. These supplements enhance our regular diets, ensure a healthy and balanced supply of nutrients and help improve our health. They give us essential micro and micro nutrients which you might be unable to have from your regular diets. Also people and especially women who are pregnant or lactating need the best lactation supplements to increase milk supply and support to maintain their health. People who are athletes, body builders, aging or are ill due to any reason could have these supplements as well.

However, before jumping on to any such supplement we must be taking advice from our health practitioner who can recommend the best products with the right amount of dosage and can also guide about any safety precautions or drug interaction.   

 What kind of natural health supplements are good for us?

Consuming herbal supplements every day isn’t a feast and you may have to sense some weird tastes and sometimes smells but trust me they’re good for your health and body. Just remember, natural doesn’t always mean safe and you can consume as much as you want. Always use them in specific amounts to reap only the benefits and avoid any downsides because of its over dosage. Some best naturally sourced supplements are as follows:

A-Krill oil

Krill oil is a supplement that is definitely getting famous and is better than fish oils because of some added qualities in it. It is a good source of DHA and EPA, both are types of omega-3 fatty acids that are found only in marine sources. It is linked to many health supporting benefits like reducing inflammation, helping in arthritis, improving heart and brain health.

B-Calcium and vitamin D

 We usually see both these coming hand in hand together, just because when we consume calcium from our diet or take it as a supplement, our body requires vitamin D to absorb it. We need calcium for our heart, muscle and nerves to function properly plus it’s very crucial for our bone mass and teeth health too. When we face trouble having sufficient amounts of calcium, we can then introduce supplements in our diet along with some quantities of vitamin D too.


Probiotics are very important for maintaining good gut health because it helps absorb nutrients which we consume throughout the day. Supplementation with probiotics supports healthy immune function, inflammation regulation, proper brain health and helps maintain health too. You can find them in yogurt, apple cider vinegar and also in powder and liquid forms.

D- Multivitamin

A good quality multivitamin tablet is an essential and important supplement for optimal health. Many people are unable to meet their nutrient needs by diet alone. Supporting a nutritious diet with high quality multivitamin helps to ensure that we are providing our bodies with the best.

Summing up

Our health is our asset, if we are healthy and active, we can easily do our daily tasks, feel good and fresh and can perform our best. To support our health internally and even externally too, we need good organic supplements which can give a boost to our energy levels and maintain our health.